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With our range of lighting options, you can find the perfect choice for your indoor and outdoor needs. From versatile indoor lights to bright and stylish outdoor lighting, your space will never be the same again. We provide the latest advancements in smart lights that offer modern conveniences for control and energy efficiency.

You can also rest assured knowing that our UV-C disinfection systems keep your homes, offices, hospitals or shops safe from airborne particles. Our comprehensive selection of lighting products provides everything you need for a brighter future.

Indoor Luminaires

Stylish, energy efficient and easy to install

Outdoor Luminaires

LED technology, energy saving and cost-effective


Remote control with smart with smart phones or tablets

Lighting for Cambodia

In Cambodia, energy-saving is at the forefront of modern lighting technology. LED bulbs, energy efficient appliances and energy smart energy management systems are all part of this energy revolution that has been powering Cambodia into its brighter future. This energy efficiency movement in the country has saved money for individuals as well as promoting a greener environment.

We understand the importance of renewable energy and are proud to offer our clients quality lighting energy solutions. These solutions are affordably priced in a fair market and delivered with the highest level of professional service. Our team understands how important it is to have access to reliable, eco-friendly lighting energy that meets all your needs.