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Lighting Innovation in Cambodia

BNP Innovation specializing in lighting solutions for homes, businesses, buildings, and public areas. We are proud to have partnered up with Philips and WiZ, world-leading lighting companies, so that we can provide the highest quality lighting around.

Our lighting products come with a broad range of lighting choices – from indoor lighting to outdoor lighting, UV-C disinfection and incorporating the newest technologies available in smart lights. We are committed to providing effective and cost-efficient lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs.

WiZ Connected

WiZ is a new generation of smart home devices that connect to your Wi-Fi network. The system can be controlled through our app and works without any advanced hardware, making it easy for anyone in the family (or friends) who wants an upgrade on their lighting experience at anytime!


Philips is a leader in lamps, luminaires and other lighting products for both professionals as well as consumers. As a Signify’s licensed brand, Philips offers many different types of lights to meet your needs whether you are at home or working outside on an installation site-from streetlights all the way down through indoor applications like reading bulbs!