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BNP Innovation is partnered with Philips Lighting and WiZ Connected for lights, accessories, LED lamps, solar lights, smart lights, and UV-C disinfection solutions. Our combination of expertise will allow us to provide customers in Cambodia with innovative solutions that promote convenience, sustainability, and safety.

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Our Story

Our energy and environment saving products are carefully crafted to the highest standards, keeping your home safe, energy efficient and green. Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, our lighting company is committed to providing renewable energy solutions at an affordable price in a fair market with standard quality and professional service. 

Our vision of “Build Up Our Community Living with Safety, Green Energy and Clean Environment” closely aligns with our mission of providing energy-efficient lighting that is both financially accessible and environmentally friendly.

BNP Innovation Khmer Can Do It Light Set Up
BNP Innovation PH Grand Hall Light Installation Project

Our Services

Our lighting installation and maintenance service offers a wide range of lighting options and technical support for our clients in Cambodia. Our experienced engineers specialize in designing lighting frameworks and software to meet your lighting requirements, while also providing comprehensive aftercare services.

Our professional and skilful technical support team are available to help with any lighting related needs, ensuring our clients’ satisfaction with quality products and service. We are dedicated to meeting all lighting needs and providing the highest standards of customer care.